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Lessons from Sesame Street

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Lessons from Sesame Street

The Sesame Street Muppets are goofy and adorable, but they’re also spot-on about life even in the midst of their chaos. Here are some lessons I’ve learned about leadership by watching Sesame Street.

Leadership is an adventure

Whether Grover is flying to another planet or Abby is exploring her classroom, these Muppets have taught us that adventure awaits those who choose to participate in the uncertainty of life. There’s no reason to wait for more money, more time or a better plan when adventure is just outside our doors. You don’t need all the answers yet.


A vision for the future matters

Daydreaming isn’t a waste of time. In fact, imagination can unlock new ways of thinking — and being able to clearly articulate the future will provide a focal point for your team.

It’s OK to talk about the hard stuff

Sesame Street has bravely tackled the hard stuff that adults don’t always know how to discuss with kids. For instance, Big Bird learned a lesson about feeling left out when he experienced bullying first-hand. Talking to your teams about tough issues, is the key to growth.


Diversity matters

Bert and Ernie are perennially beloved characters because we get them. Relationships work best with differences that help friends and partners balance one another. Otherwise, Bert would be boring and Ernie would be homeless.


A positive attitude makes a difference

Elmo knows how to laugh no matter what he faces. Sometimes, remaining positive and figuring out how to laugh can change the course of an entire day.




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