I’m Mark Woodland, an entrepreneur and change-maker in healthcare and education.



I'm Mark Woodland, an Australian entrepreneur and founder of Xplor and Kismet. My story begins in 2003. I had just enlisted into the Australian Army and was based at the Recruit Training Camp in Kapooka, NSW, where I was assigned to the Royal Australian Artillery Corps. I served for four years as an Artillery Gunner and Forward Observer before being transferred to the Australian Psychology Corps. There, I worked with soldiers returning from deployment and also trained new recruits.
Early Days


In 2010, my mother, Fay, bought a childcare centre – Woodland Education – to support children on their educational journey. Mum found she had very little time to focus on the children, due to the large amount of administration involved in running an early years’ service. Distressed that my mother’s dreams were starting to crumble, I left the Australian Army to support her new business.
Starting Days

But, in reality the juggle between running the business and educating the children was relentless.

Her dream was crumbling, and so I left the army to help.



I quickly became frustrated by the education sector’s outdated technology systems. Unable to afford an app developer, I taught myself how to code. Over the next few years, I started building a better software platform – focused on simplifying compliance, increasing parent engagement and delivering the best educational experience.
Startup Phone Image


In 2016, I caught the attention of not only the education community but those who had become disenchanted by the childcare industry and lack of support for families. I was able to provide an innovative approach to education – by automating the tasks that get in the way of teaching and learning. In January 2016, we sold the five childcare centres, re-invested the money and my startup education business, Xplor, was born.

Today, with more than 2,500 employees around the world, Xplor makes incredible products used by millions of people – from Xplor Space to Xplor Home – and has become the most-loved technology brand in early education across the globe.


We have relentlessly focused on automating administration so that educators and families can put their focus where it’s needed most: their children’s learning. I’ve been able to realise my vision of making education great through amazing technology – by giving educators more time; engaging parents in their kids’ development, and supporting small businesses that make up the backbone of the early education market.

From the Army fields to childcare… my path may have changed but my passion has stayed to this very day.