Insights | 14.09.2023

A Rallying Cry for True Leadership

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Leadership. It’s a word that echoes through the annals of history. It’s a beacon of hope in dark times, a pillar upon which nations stand, and the bedrock of any civilisation aspiring greatness. And yet, in Australia’s current political landscape, this crucial quality seems to be in woefully short supply.

And as the leadership falters, it’s not just political ideals that are compromised. The very spirit of individual aspiration is under siege. I, like countless Australians, am sick and tired of being beaten down. Everywhere we turn, there seems to be a message that punishes ambition, discourages success, and stymies the entrepreneurial spirit. The sentiment from our so-called “leaders” often feels less like encouragement and more like a subtle push towards mediocrity. Why aspire when ambition is viewed with suspicion?

Let’s get one thing straight right from the outset: real leadership is not about political manoeuvring, tactical spins, or trading punches in the media. It’s not about point-scoring or advancing personal agendas. True leadership is about setting aside the ego, accepting responsibility, and leading from the front. It’s about setting the tone for an entire nation, laying down the path towards a better future.

Part of that path involves celebrating the ambitions of its citizens, not suppressing them. A leader should make you feel like you can climb mountains, not convince you to remain in the foothills.

But when we gaze across the vast expanse of Australian politics today, where are these traits? Instead, we see a theater of blame-shifting, of buck-passing. We see leaders who seem more preoccupied with protecting their own image than the well-being of the Australian people.

The real tragedy here isn’t just the lack of leadership on one side of the political spectrum. It’s the fact that this deficiency seems to plague all sides. The political polarization, the infighting, the lack of vision for a better future – these aren’t just hallmarks of a single party; they’ve become the defining characteristics of Australian politics as a whole. And in the process, it’s the citizens who bear the brunt.

However, there’s a silver lining. In adversity, there’s opportunity. The current state of affairs offers Australia a chance to redefine what leadership means, to seek out those who truly embody the spirit of service, vision, and responsibility.

To emerge stronger from this quagmire, Australia doesn’t just need politicians; it needs leaders. Leaders who don’t just speak, but act. Leaders who don’t just promise, but deliver. Leaders who understand that their true power lies not in their position, but in their ability to inspire, unify, and chart a course towards a brighter future.

So, to every Australian reading this: let’s not settle. Let’s not accept mediocrity in leadership or in our own aspirations. Demand better. Expect better. And most importantly, when the time comes, be ready to step up and lead. If you think leadership is for someone else, you’re wrong. It’s on you.

Australia has a rich history and a promising future. With true leadership, the nation can once again stride confidently towards a brighter tomorrow. It’s time for real leaders to stand up, take extreme ownership, and commit to making the country better, while simultaneously uplifting its citizens and celebrating their aspirations. We deserve nothing less.



CEO, Xplor