Entrepreneur and change-maker in education and healthcare.

"Making education and healthcare accessible".

I’m Mark Woodland, an Australian entrepreneur and change-maker in education and healthcare.

I’m the founder of Xplor, a globally-recognised company and top education startup innovating software that’s sole purpose is to make education better. I am currently reimagining the way families access healthcare with the amazing team at Kismet.

My journey so far -
building Xplor

Well over a decade ago I was in the Australian Army, eventually finding myself in the Psychology Corps. I worked with soldiers returning from deployment and spent time training new recruits at the Army Logistics Training Centre.

Then, in 2010, my mum opened a childcare centre – her lifelong dream. But, in reality the juggle between running the business and educating the children was relentless. Her dream was crumbling, and so I left the army to help.

Mark’s story

Today, Xplor has more than 2,500 employees around the world and makes products used by millions. We are one of the most loved technology brands in software and payments. For me personally, even after more than a decade in the field, I’m still hell-bent on innovating ways to improve. We cannot underestimate the importance of great education, and we cannot undervalue those who deliver it. These motivations are what make Xplor one of the leading education startups, globally.